Claim Policy


This Claim Policy last changed on July 3, 2023, last checked on September 1, 2023, and applies to all Marcus Technologies orders.

Buyers are obligated to inspect, test and provide notification of any goods not conforming to the terms of the Agreement, upon delivery. If no claim is raised within 2 calendar days of delivery for fresh product, and 5 calendar days of delivery for frozen product, the Buyer will be considered to have accepted all product associated with the order and will be obligated to all Terms & Conditions, including applicable payment and terms. Any claim against the order will be considered null and void beyond this required notification period.

At first indication of a possible claim or weight discrepancy please immediately notify as well as your sales representative.

We will need the following information to initiate a claim with the Supplier:

  1. MFC Order Number (ex. 802310JS)
  2. Total Claim Amount Requested
  3. A specific description of the nature and scope of the problem (ex. 5 cases show signs of freezer burn)
  4. Photos of the problem
  5. Photos of the outer case labels showing details of production dates, weights, and lot numbers
  6. Any other documents or information that will help demonstrate the issue

Additional documentation may be required by the Supplier, based on the nature of the claim. Any additional requirements will be promptly communicated once a claim has been initiated.

The Supplier reserves the right to inspect any nonconforming product. The Buyer must preserve all nonconforming product in its original packaging, and at its chilled or frozen temperature, until an agreement on the outcome has been reached between the Buyer and Supplier. Failure to do so will invalidate the Buyer’s claim.