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Are you a food bank looking for fresh inventory? 

Are you a processor trying to move inventory?

One way Marcus Technologies fulfills our vision is connecting food banks with our vast network of over 4,000 processors. Our streamlined process ensures that surplus food products find their way to those who need them most.

Take the first step towards optimizing your operations or fulfilling your mission. Fill out the form to discover how Marcus Technologies can empower your organization and make a meaningful impact in your community.

We're building a more sustainable future
and working to fight hunger

More than 37 million people in America face food insecurity.  This challenge transcends geographic and socioeconomic boundaries, affecting urban and rural communities alike.

At Marcus Technologies, we’re doing our part to ensure animal proteins stay out of landfills and on families’ plates. 

Investing To
Make An Impact

Marcus Technologies is committed to covering up to $15,000 per month in shipping, storage, and processing costs for proteins donated or offered to food banks at a reduced price by our network of food processors.

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our Food Bank Initiative.

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Our Vision

To minimize food waste and build a more sustainable future by finding the best possible use for all available proteins globally.


Decades of Experience

Our long-term relationships with domestic and international producers, customers and traders give us a broad network to draw from, and our proven track record gives our clients the comfort of knowing they are working with people who know the industry and the technology.